It’s about to get really real in here. Get ready for some tough love. ❤️ 💪🏼

If you’re regularly publishing content, but it’s not leading to sales of your coaching offers or courses, I want you to know that I see you – and I get the frustration. 

You’ve been pouring your heart and soul into content. Spending hours on videos, social posts, blogs, or Clubhouse rooms – when you could be with family, or resting, or pursuing other things that make you happy.

(Or just laundry! Anyone else behind on laundry? 🤣)  

It’s frustrating to see a lack of results. It’s disheartening to watch other coaches seemingly thrive while you’re left wondering what you’re doing wrong. This frustration can even lead you to question your abilities as a coach, leaving you feeling demotivated and unsure of your next steps.

And I want to help! 

I see this happening soooooo often (You’re not alone!). And as a content strategist, I also know why it happens. 

So in this post, I’ll be sharing…

✔️ The three most likely reasons why your content is NOT creating clients or sales; and

✔️ How to fix this – and stop wasting time on content that doesn’t make you money. 

Okay, let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?… 

Why isn’t your content converting to coaching clients & sales?

In this post, I’ll be giving it you straight. (I’m a Boston gal, so that’s really the only way I know how to give it. 😂) 

But before we dive in and examine what might be keeping *your* content from driving profits… Here’s a tad of context: 

I’d like to acquaint you with… The High-leverage Content™ “ARE” method. 

This is how I teach coaches, course creators, and other online experts how to choose their most *profitable* content topics. 

This framework is at the heart of a content strategy that actually makes you money. (Instead of one that has you churning out all kinds of content – but *not* the kind that actually pre-sells your offers and drives sales.) 

“ARE” stands for Alignment, Relevance, and Ease. 

In a nutshell… 

🎯 Alignment is about how closely your content is related to your paid offer(s).

🎯 Relevance is whether (or not) your future clients care about what you’re saying.

🎯 Ease is how easy it is for *you* to get detailed (so you don’t produce “flimsy” content).

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Okay, thanks for reading my nerdy framework thing. 🤓 Now… 

To crack the code about WHY your content isn’t converting to clients and buyers… I want you to ask yourself three questions. 

And I need you to be really honest as you answer them. 

Each question corresponds to one of the “ARE” letters… Because while this framework provides a way to make profitable content, it also serves as a litmus test for why your content might NOT be driving sales of your programs. 

Ready? Let’s take a hard look at these three questions… 

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1. Is your content strategically linked to your offers? (Like, truly?)

Many coaches miss the mark when it comes to tying their content directly to their paid programs. 

The reason? 

You’re doing things backwards! Eeeeeek! 😳

You’re recording a killer video – or writing an engaging and valuable post. And then you’re trying *after the fact* to connect it to your offers. 

… And making those strategic connections after the fact is much harder than you thought it would be. You might find yourself feeling like you’ve got a square peg and a round hole? 

And the connection that you DO draw isn’t super-clear for your audience – because it wasn’t the right fit, to begin with.

This is sometimes called “misalignment.” (And, remember, the “A” in my ARE method for profitable content stands for Alignment. We want alignment.)

A much more effective and profitable content strategy involves the opposite approach

You start by identifying the things that your ideal clients need to hear and understand more deeply – in order to feel confident *buying* from you. 

Then, you systematically begin creating THAT content. 

When you adopt this strategic mindset and approach, your content begins to work for you, rather than against you. Your blog posts, videos, podcast episodes and other content become powerful tools that not only inform and engage your audience but also drive them towards your coaching offers and courses.  

Okay, here comes question #2… 

2. Are you creating content about things that your audience thinks are important?

Be super honest here! Are you? Because this is another common (and BIG!) misstep. And it may be what’s keeping your content from creating sales… 

You could be focusing on topics that YOU believe are important (or that you’re passionate about) – rather than on the topics that your audience cares about. 

Like… you create what you think is interesting or important for your audience to know – but they don’t really give a hoot. 🦉

It’s great to be enthusiastic about the subject matter. But it’s essential to remember that content that pre-sells your offers MUST be tailored to your target audience. It has to address their problems, challenges, and desires – or it won’t make you money. Simple as that. 

And that’s why the “R” in my ARE framework for profitable content stands for “Relevancy.” 

When I’m working with clients and I challenge them with this question: “Are you creating content about things that your audience thinks is important?” … I often get a little resistance. 

It usually sounds something like this: 

“Well, Jana, what they really want is [ABC]. But I believe with every fiber of my being that the best way for them to get that is to [XYZ]. So I create content about [XYZ].”

The inherent problem here (and I know, Dear Reader, that you can already see this coming)… Is that the audience doesn’t YET know to care about [XYZ]. 

They will care, but they don’t yet. 

You can choose more relevant topics – and/or you can re-position your content so it addressed real problems that real people have and recognize. There is a good way to talk about both [ABC] and [XYZ], I promise. But you’ll have to lead with what *they* think is relevant.

Then, systematically begin creating THAT content.  

Okay, now question #3… 

3. Is your content doing more than just scratching the surface?

It’s no secret that there’s immense pressure on coaches, course creators, and other experts to consistently produce “content.” In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it can feel like a never-ending race to stay visible to your audience. 

Unfortunately, this pressure can sometimes lead to us focusing on quantity over quality, and hitting “publish” on content — just for the sake of having something to share. 

Creating flimsy or superficial content to keep up with the demand might seem like a quick fix. But, at the end of the day, this approach is counterproductive – and it’s simply not going to be profitable. 

(I’ve definitely seen flimsy content in all forms – blog posts, podcast episodes, Youtube videos, and social livestreams that feel sort of “phoned in.” But, I will say that, in my experience, blog posts are the most common “culprit” here…

We’ve all experienced that disappointing moment when you see a Pinterest pin with a compelling title, and you’re excited to read the blog it leads to… But then you get to it and it’s flimsy. For example, it’s a short post that just summarizes info that can be found anywhere – instead of including the author’s perspective and/or experience – or anything unique.)

Let me be crystal clear:

This type of content won’t convert.

Your future client is looking for real solutions and insights, not just filler content. 

If what you share only scratches the surface of a topic without delving into the depth or detail that your audience craves, well… Womp womp. 

Your audience is left unsatisfied and, frankly, questioning your credibility. (After all, they’re looking to you for guidance and valuable insights. Flimsy content simply doesn’t deliver on that promise.)

If your content sometimes isn’t detailed enough, fixing this starts with evaluating which topics you can *easily* go into detail on. 

And that’s why the “E” in my ARE framework for profitable content stands for “Ease.” 

In addition, you’ll need the right *system* for your content – so it can be easy to get detailed.

I designed High-leverage Content to be that easy system.  Which brings me to this last, million-dollar question…

How *do* you create content that results in clients and sales?

The good news is that there’s a solution to all three of these missteps. 

It involves re-evaluating your content strategy and focusing on providing the more detailed, focused content that your audience wants. 

In my program, High-leverage Content, we focus on quality over quantity. Inside, you’ll learn *exactly* how to strategize and create content that results in sales. 

As I’ve emphasized above, there are certain things that your future client needs to hear and understand – before she’ll feel confident to pay you.  

In Part 1 of the HLC course, I help students discern and decide *exactly* what those things are – so they can create content that truly addresses their future clients’ needs and challenges.

And in Part 2, we use my proprietary “HLC Strategic Content Outlines” and a proven, step-by-step process to create content that is NOT flimsy, but instead hits all the right marks and “pre-sells” their offers. 

To learn more about High-leverage Content, click right here!

***Note, if the program is currently not open for enrollment, you’ll be able to join the waitlist. And I’ll notify you as soon as it opens.

And here’s the main takeaway for today…

When you start focusing on crafting content with a clear purpose that ties into your coaching offers, speaks directly to your audience’s needs, and provides details, shifts, and real value… that’s when you’ll start seeing the sales you want.

And you’ve got this… It’s totally do-able for you, with the right strategy and system! 

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