How do I market myself as a personal stylist or style coach? 

It’s a question that most coaches – in most niches – ask themselves… especially when they’re new to running a consultancy and marketing. 

One free tool that style coaches use to generate coaching client leads is… Pinterest. 📌

(Yes! Pinterest!) 

In fact, as a Pinterest Marketing Strategist, I’ve worked directly with several coaches in the style niches. We’ve set up Pinterest profiles that get millions of targeted views from ideal clients and generate style coaching client leads – on autopilot. 💃

It takes some strategy to get these results, but it’s totally do-able (if you know the steps!) 

Ready? Let’s get into it! 

Step 1: Define your target audience on Pinterest.

Before you can start using Pinterest to get clients as a personal stylist or style coach,
it’s important to define your target audience. 

  • Who are you trying to reach with your coaching offers and with your content? 
  • What are their interests, life events, and pain points – around their wardrobes and their personal style? 

For example, maybe want to target women in their 30s and 40s who work in corporate settings and want to improve their personal style and get promoted. 

Or maybe you want to specialize in helping plus size women curate a wardrobe that helps them look and feel great. 

Or perhaps you want to work with women 60+ who are planning for travel and life in retirement. 

Choosing a target audience (and/or a niche) will make it possible to optimize your Pinterest profile properly to attract the right pinners. And it will help you create content on Pinterest that really resonates with your ideal clients.

Step 2: Create or convert to a Pinterest business account for your style coaching business.

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, create a business account. This will give you access to analytics and other features that are helpful for marketing your coaching services.

Most of my clients have chosen to convert their personal profiles to business profiles. In most cases, this is what I recommend. 

This blog post reviews the process I suggest for cleaning up your Pinterest boards

You’ll also want to add a current photo of you as your profile photo. (Usually it’s best to choose one in which you look friendly, and are forward-facing and making eye contact. This builds trust.) 

Step 3: Find the right keywords and keyword-optimize your Pinterest profile to attract style coaching clients.

Pinterest is a search engine. Keywords will make your break your Pinterest strategy – so be sure you take the time to plan and implement a solid keyword plan. 

First, you’ll want to do keyword research. This means using free tools on Pinterest to learn what real people are searching on the platform around your topics. You can use this process to develop your own Master Pinterest Keyword List & Plan.

Lastly, once you’re clear on what keywords you’d like to be discovered for… Make sure your Pinterest profile is complete and optimized for search. This includes using keywords in your profile name, your Pinterest bio, and your boards…. Which brings us to step 4…


(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Pinterest marketing” board:)

How to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest

Step 4: Create boards that attract your target audience.

Think of Pinterest boards like file folders for your pins. We create boards, then pin to those boards. 

The goal here is to create boards that do two things:

  • Showcase your expertise as a style coach and appeal to your target audience; and 
  • Include high-priority keyword phrases 

And get specific here. For example, you might create boards with titles like “Style tips for plus size women” or “Capsule wardrobe for travel.”

For most style coaches, general board topics like “Spring Outfits” won’t be as effective for attracting ideal clients.

Step 5: Pin high quality content that’s helpful and inspiring for your ideal personal style coaching clients.

Once you’ve set up your profile optimally following the steps above, it’s time to pin high-quality content that’s relevant to your target audience. 

You can pin Standard Pins that link to your website or other outside links. This could include blog posts, videos, even podcast episodes… landing pages for your free and paid offers… and other visual content that showcases your expertise and provides value to your audience.

And you can also create Idea Pins that incorporate video. A great way to do this *very easily* is to repurpose IG reels, stories, Tiktoks, or other short-form video that you’re already creating. 🤯, right? 🙂 

(Pssssst… I know you’re wondering how much to pin! If you’re just getting started with Pinterest, I recommend starting with just two pins per week – of your own content – to get into the habit of pinning. You’re welcome.) 

FAQ: Do you need a blog to successfully get clients as a personal stylist – using Pinterest?

I know you’re wondering this! Most of my clients and students do. So we’ll take a second to address it. 

No, it’s not necessary to have a blog to make Pinterest work for a style coach. 🎉 

While having a blog can be a valuable way to share your expertise and provide value to your target audience, it’s not the only way to use Pinterest to attract coaching client leads.

As a style coach, you can also create Idea pins that provide styling tips and inspiration – and showcase your services. You can create boards that focus on specific topics (such as workwear, travel outfits, or mom style tips) – and pin high-quality content that appeals to your target audience.

Overall, while having a blog can be helpful in establishing your expertise and building your brand, it’s not necessary to make Pinterest work for a style coach.

Step 6: Promote your Pinterest account.

Link to it from social media channels, emails you may send, and other marketing materials. Add a social share button to your website – so people can easily share your site’s pages to Pinterest, and/or follow you on Pinterest. 

There are so many ways to regularly “cross-pollinate” your platforms – so be sure to let people know you’re on Pinterest – and why they will want to follow you there. 

This will help you build momentum in the beginning – and attract more followers and potential coaching clients to your Pinterest account in the long-run, too. 

(Pro Tip – In the style niche, you have a special Pinterest marketing advantage. You can use Pinterest as a tool to help your existing clients curate ideas. In fact, you may already be doing this! This type of activity also helps build your account’s momentum.)

Step 7: Convert your Pinterest audience to leads for your style coaching offers. (Using a Lead Magnet)

Once you’ve attracted pinners to your Pinterest account, it’s important to convert them into coaching client leads. 

My favorite way to do this is by offering a “lead magnet.” (This is something valuable that they will find useful and inspiring. They can access it in exchange for giving you their email address, and permission to send them emails.) 

Here are some other lead magnet ideas / examples that could work well for style coaches:

  1. Free style quiz: Offer a free style quiz that helps your potential clients identify their personal style and provides them with personalized styling tips.
  2. Style challenges: Offer a free 7-day or 30-day style challenge that provides your potential clients with daily styling tips and challenges to help them improve their style.
  3. Wardrobe planning guide: Offer a free downloadable guide that provides tips for planning and organizing a wardrobe, including suggestions for versatile pieces and how to mix and match outfits.
  4. Free webinar or workshop: Offer a free webinar or workshop that teaches your potential clients how to dress for their body type, how to create a capsule wardrobe, or other relevant topic.
  5. Styling tips eBook: Offer a free eBook that provides styling tips for your target audience, such as “10 Tips for Dressing for a Business Casual Office” or “How to Dress to Look Youthful – Without Looking Age-Inappropriate.”
  6. Virtual closet organization kit: Offer a free virtual closet organization service or tool that helps your potential clients organize their wardrobe and make room for new investments.

Pro Tip: You can promote your lead magnet on Pinterest in many ways. One of my favorites is by adding it to your Pinterest cover photo. (<< This blog explains how, and offers you a free template.) 

Voila! There you have them… Seven steps for how to get clients as a personal stylist / style coach using Pinterest. 

I hope you’ll put this strategy into play to grow your client roster.

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