Note from Jana: This is a cute little post I wrote in 2018! 🙂 I’ve updated a few things so it’s accurate, but mostly left it intact to remember my beginnings! 😉

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When set up properly, Pinterest can automate your traffic and get you more leads and discovery calls – with very time commitment on your part (almost on auto-pilot!). 

For online coaches, course creators, and consultants, the Pinterest funnel starts with your pin, leads to your content and your opt-ins, and results in calls booked and sales made.

In this post, I want to hone in on the #1 MOST IMPORTANT STEP on the Pinterest checklist.

It’s the gateway for your ideal client to your Pinterest funnel.

It’s the pin itself!

To get results with the strategy that I use when setting up Pinterest for clients, we need to knock pin design out of the park. If your pin isn’t click-worthy, the traffic stops there and the funnel dead ends.

Here’s a viral-worthy pin that I designed, and a quick run-down of what the perfect pin needs to be and include. I hope you find it helpful!



It’s vertical, optimal for Pinterest. As of 2020, the perfect size is 1000 x 1500 px.

It’s eye catching and beautiful. This is pretty straightforward. An eye for design will help you to create gorgeous pins.

It’s legible, with bold words and compelling copy. Best practices in copywriting come in to play. What do your ideal clients need to see? Show them your pin leads to content they can’t do without.

It promises some “I have to have that” content. A freebie is a great hook! If you can offer a visual preview of the freebie she’ll get when she clicks through, do it! This way, when your dreamie follows your pin, she is already primed and expecting to opt-in to your list to get that thing she has to have now.

It incorporates current Pinterest trends. Right now, pinners love arrows, fonts that pop, and listicles – like “11 ways to…” Statistically, photos in pins that show people – but not faces – perform well. (But as with any tactic, test this on your own account!) 

Its “look” matches your brand and style. Pin graphics need to be consistent but vary a bit for fun… and they need to match the aesthetic of your website and other assets. Anything less looks amateur.

It’s subtly branded with your website or name. Speaking of branding, if you’re going to invest time or money into creating drool-worthy pins (or hire me to create them), be sure to add your simple logo, biz name, or simply your website url somewhere on the edges of the graphic. Get some brand recognition along with the attention of our prospect.

Here a couple of pins that I’ve designed for clients that hit all of these marks!


Have fun with your pins, and be intentional when you design them!

And, if you want to learn more about the steps needed to set up a Pinterest account that will explode your list, grab my FREE Pinterest Checklist here. It’s specifically for online coaches, course creators, and consultants.

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