Shhhhhh. Stop for a second and listen. Do you hear that?

It’s the “New Year, New Me” crowd gathering in the wings!

And pretty soon, they’ll be looking for your health-related content on Pinterest (and on other search engines like Google and Youtube)… because January is the time when lots of people start searching for ideas, inspiration, and support with their health and wellness-related New Year’s resolutions.

So, since I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist who teaches health and wellness coaches how to attract ideal clients using Pinterest… For my clients and students, January is actually “the most wonderful time of the year.” 🤓

And in this post, I’ll be sharing some January marketing ideas for you. Some are things you can implement on Pinterest – and others are more general platform-non-specific ideas.

I hope these help you gear up to meet this month’s high demand for health and wellness content and support.

First, here’s what got me thinking about January and New Year marketing campaigns…

As mentioned, I teach Pinterest marketing as a powerful client attraction strategy for online coaches in the health and wellness spaces.

As I was plugging some search terms into Pinterest’s Trends Tool, I noticed that many of the topics I was researching were about to trend.

Here are some examples of what I saw.

Figure 1 below shows that the search term “Clean eating for beginners” sees its biggest spike in searches during the first week of January. (Makes sense, right? People are starting to recover from their holiday imbibing and parties, etc… and ready to turn over a new leaf.)

​Figure 2 below shows a second example. The search term “Ab workouts at home” sees its biggest spike in searches during the second week of January.

(Note: the “100” is a relative number, and not an indicator of a certain number of searches. It just tells us that this is the week when these searches are at an annual high.)

And, just to connect the dots… Pinterest is a search engine, and our goal as marketers is to get discovered in people’s searches when they look for what we offer. So, most of my students and clients are pinning year-round, but these weeks in January may be some of their most successful months in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions, too.

So that’s why I decided to write this post today – because Pinterest reminded me that my readers could use some fresh January marketing ideas – since their big weeks are just around the corner.)

Now, let’s dive right into them, shall we?

January Marketing Idea #1: Reach out to highly-engaged audience members.

​Consider marking your calendar for those first two weeks in January (or possibly at the end of December)… and plan to do some personal outreach to your most engaged audience members. You know the ones – the ones who always comment on your IG stories or Facebook lives, ask you for advice in the DMs, or keep showing up in your Clubhouse rooms. (Check those analytics!)

If there’s any time of year when your super-warm prospects might be ready to invest in themselves (and in your paid programs), this might be it – according to what we see in those Pinterest trends stats!

A simple message like this might work – since we’re talking about people who are already HIGHLY engaged with your content: “Hi, Jane! Are you going to set any New Year’s resolutions? Would you be interested in jumping on Zoom this week to talk about me supporting you on those – and working together in 2022?” 

Idea #2: Post content about fresh starts and perhaps New Year’s Resolutions.

Whether you believe in NYR’s or not, 😉 they are on many people’s minds right now! And all those people who search Pinterest in January for the health-related topics?  Resolutions are already on their minds, but they will be front of mind very soon.

According to stats shared by Pinterest in this creator and advertiser workshop, searches for “New Year’s resolutions” are highest on the week of January 1st, but searches for resolutions start increasing from mid-December.

So consider posting content about what YOU believe about resolutions. Encourage people to leverage the January motivation to commit to improvement – and to developing long-lasting, sustainable wellness habits.

Here are some ideas for content. (Obvi, tailor them to your niche and audience!)

  • stories of past clients (or your own) in which you turned over a new leaf and developed a positive new habit that’s still with you
  • your opinions about those new year’s resolutions
  • tips for grocery lists, meal planning, mindful eating…
  • tips for starting a sustainable workout habit / routine…
  • 10 ways to get more movement in in January (or start with 3!)
  • Checklist for a pantry / fridge clean out / deep clean

Okay, I have four more January marketing ideas for you, so read on!



(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Pinterest marketing” board:)

January Marketing Ideas - Pin

January Marketing Idea #3: Create some fresh Pinterest pins with your OLD (but still relevant) content.

Have some past blog posts about things that are trending in January? (For example, “ab workouts at home” and/or “clean eating for beginners” – but remember, these are just examples. Use the search terms that are relevant for your wellness niche.)

Create some fresh images (standard pin images that link to your back blog posts, podcast episodes, Youtube videos) about these topics. Also, repurpose that back content you worked hard to create in past years – to create some fresh Idea pins on Pinterest.

You can even go back to your Instagram story archive, or find your most relevant reels (check January of last year!) – and repurpose that Instagram content as Pinterest Idea pins. …Yup, you can do that. And it gives the content you worked hard to create more reach!

If you need some extra inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, check out this board I’m curating on my Pinterest profile. It’s chock full of some of my favorite health coach idea pin examples.

And before we move on to Idea #4, if Pinterest marketing is a brand new concept for you – because you haven’t already started using it for your health and wellness coaching business – you’re missing out!

“Wellbeing” – which is the Pinterest category that includes health, fitness, nutrition, self care, mental wellbeing, etc. – is one of the fast-growing categories on the platform.

If you want a crash course in how to use Pinterest to attract coaching clients, you’re in luck, because I offer one! It’s my Pinterest Marketing Masterclass – and it’s free. (Yup. Zero pennies!)

🎉 Sign up here – for FREE! Add your name and a good email address, and I’ll send you access.


Free Pinterest for Business Masterclass for Coaches

January Marketing Idea #4: Batch emails to your list now. Here are some ideas.

Now (late December) would be a great time to send out some value-packed emails to your list (especially if you’ve been a little less than consistent with writing them).

It’s easy to think, “Eh, people aren’t checking their emails during the holidays”… but there are still people reading emails. And the fact is, if you don’t stay in touch, you won’t be top of mind when your people are ready to take action in January. 

And, now is also the perfect time to batch write some inspiring weekly content for January (including sales emails!), so you’re ready with awesome emails for each week. This way, you and your offers are out there and top-of-mind during the big “New year, New me” re-commitment time.

Here are a few topic ideas for those pre-January and January emails:

  • The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing In 20XX (Insert the year!)
  • Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?
  • I Always Get Side-Eye When I Tell People THIS (a controversial opinion you hold)
  • 3 things you probably don’t know about [your area of expertise or what they desire] – (but need to know to turn over that new leaf)
  • Here’s the EXACT advice I gave to a client today about [starting fresh; or specific outcome they desire] in January…
  • January 2* is National Buffet Day (What do your people struggle with around this?)
  • January 4* is National Trivia Day (Quiz your list about the things you help with – ask them to reply back!)
  • January 26* is National Green Juice Day! (Enough said!)
  • January 20* is Get to Know Your Customers Day (What are you doing differently in 20XX (Insert the year)? or What do you want to change in 20XX? … Ask them to reply.

*This site – can give you lots of other ideas like the last four above.

And, of course, these are just a few ideas… the topics and content you write to your list will vary a lot based on your niche, area of expertise, branding, marketing strategies, etc!

January Marketing Idea #5: Run a Free 5-Day Challenge.

Sometimes when you run a challenge, it’s simply a list-building effort.

But if you run one in January, be sure to lead right into a solid sales campaign. If done well, the momentum that a challenge builds can really compound with all that “New Year, New Me” energy to help seal the deal for your paid programs.

I like this video, in which Michelle Leotta offers a rundown of how to run a 5-day challenge as a health coach. If this idea appeals to you, check it out!

Idea #6: Consider Pinterest ads for organic timely pins that are already converting.

So, getting back to my jam, Pinterest marketing…

My last idea for you is this. If you have Pinterest pins that are already performing well organically, and/or you already have an offer that is converting, you can consider turning on some Pinterest ads now. The goal here would be to our some fuel on this January fire.

Historically, Pinterest ads get super-expensive (as do ads on other platforms) around the holidays – as merchants and brands are going gung-ho to reach the holiday shoppers. But in January, (really starting in late December) the cost per lead (and similar metrics) often normalize, so this might be great timing for you as a health coach or entrepreneur in wellness.

Keep in mind, if you just get started in January with ads, you’ll likely not see a positive return on ad spend right away – because Pinterest ads usually take time and experimentation to get right. BUT, if you already had some ads running and converting and you turned them off for the holidays, this might also be an ideal time to turn them back on.

Last thoughts on January and New Year Marketing…

Fa la la la la… but look forward! 😉

While others are leaning into the holiday marketing content, we’re over here focusing on the January marketing ideas for reaching the “new year, new me” health-driven crowd. Because they’re coming in not in just a few short weeks!

Which of these ideas will you implement? Batching some emails? Personal outreach? Pinterest pins?

And remember, if you do want to incorporate Pinterest into your health and wellness coaching business marketing in this coming year, be sure to access my FREE Pinterest Marketing Masterclass! 

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