Do you reeeeeeallly wish you could get good at repurposing your content — so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel over and over to get clients? 

If that’s your goal, I’m so proud and excited for you. 🙌🏽  It is a worthy one, for so many reasons! 

Repeating things in your content is SMART and powerful.

✔️  It reinforces your most important messages, builds trust with your audience, and helps you become known for your thing(s). 

✔️  It also ensures that more people will see your most crucial messages (because no one in your audience sees everything you post or say). 

✔️  Repurposing what you’ve already created also makes it easier to show up on multiple platforms — if you desire to do that. 

✔️  And, of course, content repurposing saves you time… And it can save you from the grips of burnout, so you don’t fizzle out too fast, quit, and become a statistic. (We’re all about staying power around here! 

So yeah. Content repurposing is something you really want to do — and master. 

But when you sit down to repurpose something, does it feel hard? Like it should be easy, but it’s not? Maybe even like trying to squeeze blood from a stone?  

If so, you’re in the right place today. 

Repurposing CAN be easy — if you have the right resources and strategies in place. In this post, I’m going to detail five specific ways you can make content repurposing so much more “do-able’ for your coaching or service provider business. 

(Plus, I’m going to weave in some tips for making sure you get an ROI from your repurposing, too…Because it doesn’t make sense to do it at all if it’s not landing you leads and clients! 🤷🏻‍♀️) 

Ready? Let’s break this down, starting with… 

Content Repurposing Strategy 1: Start with detailed, high-quality content.

For a couple of years, I ran a Clubhouse room on Wednesdays that’s all about sharing content repurposing ideas and experiences. 

Every week, I show up and share something I repurposed… things like how I created an IG carousel and ten Threads posts from one of my blog posts… or how I wrote a blog based on the content I outlined and delivered in a Facebook livestream… those types of things. 

I also invite others to share what they’ve been repurposing. 

Often, they say repurposing feels challenging. When I ask some questions, it’s usually because the “source content” they’re starting with isn’t very rich or detailed — and therefore they are not set up well to easily re-mix it.

Because if the initial content lacks depth, there’s little to work with. 

You’re like a chef trying to create a satisfying, delicious dinner — but when you open the fridge, you just find some watermelon slices, a jar of mustard, and half a string cheese. Without enough substance and variety to begin with, the end result is likely to be unsatisfying.

Conversely, though, when you invest the time up-front to create high-quality, detailed long-form content, you will be setting yourself up for repurposing success. 

Inside my course, High-leverage Content, I define ‘long-form,’ as having a minimum of 500 words (written or spoken). 

The primary reason why I teach students how to create long-form content is that — when you go deeper — you can truly help your audience learn and more deeply understand the things they need — to feel ready to hire you. 

But a secondary benefit of creating this way is that content repurposing gets SO MUCH EASIER! 

So, think about your topic like a thesis. State your belief, then back it up with at least three detailed reasons… steps… or any specifics that support it. Add the examples. Add the comparisons. Add your opinions, observations, facts, metaphors… 

Now, when you go to repurpose something, you’ll have all the ingredients you need. 

Note: This approach works for any long-form content. It doesn’t have to be a blog. You might choose a podcast, Youtube videos… Even long-form social posts can be your detailed source content.

And remember… Don’t let creating this way intimidate you… because I’ve got you on that! My High-leverage Content system is literally here to show you *exactly* what to say in your long-form content, paragraph by paragraph (or bullet by bullet if you’re writing talking points for a video or episode). 

My system makes it easy to publish thorough content that positions you as the stand-out expert, is endlessly repurposable, and converts your audience to clients. 

Okay, now next up… Get ready to learn my 💪🏼 “secret weapon” tactic for repurposing…

Content Repurposing Strategy 2: Create ‘listicles.’

Okay, we’re pivoting from the highly-strategic, ‘big picture’ vantage point… to a more tactical tip. 

One way I love making my long-form content more repurposable is by creating some of my posts in a ‘listicle’ format. 

(I consider this my repurposing secret weapon — because when you use it, your content *almost* repurposes itself! 🤣)

The term ‘listicle is a combination of LIST + ARTICLE. Listicle. 🙂 

It’s a type of online article or blog post that is formatted as a list. This style of content presents information in a clear, organized manner, typically with numbered points. Each point expands on a central theme or topic, providing readers with more bite-sized pieces of information. 

It’s a popular format due to its readability — and it’s also PERFECT for repurposing. 

Why? Because this structure naturally lends itself to being broken down into smaller, standalone pieces of content. 

Each item in the list can often be treated as a self-contained point or idea — which means it can be extracted and used independently of the rest of the article. 

(See? It’s like it repurposes itself! 🤣)

These smaller pieces can be turned into social captions… carousels… short social posts (e.g. Threads, Tweets)… infographics… slide decks… really the possibilities are endless…

Example: The blog post you’re reading now can easily be broken down into at least five different stand-alone pieces of content (corresponding to each of the five main sections / headings) for each of the formats mentioned above.  

Plus, (Profitability tip incoming…) when you’re repurposing content that was intentionally designed in the first place to convert your audience to clients, it will be more profitable. (This is the real flex, trust me. 💪🏼) 

So… consider listicles! They are easy to formulate and organize. And clearly, a single listicle can provide you with numerous unique pieces of content, making it a goldmine for repurposing efforts — and for getting good ROI.

Okay, next up, we’re going to look at two repurposing strategies that leverage types of automation! (Sexy, right???)  So keep reading…

(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Content Repurposing” board:) 

How to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest

Content Repurposing Strategy 3: Automate some re-distribution of your key pieces of long-form content.

Another way to make repurposing easier is to set up systems to automate it. This way, you only have to repurpose it ONCE — and it keeps getting re-distributed on auto-pilot. 

In this section, I’ll share two distinct ways I like to do this. 

Like many ‘high-leverage’ strategies, these require some strategic thinking and work up-front — but the ongoing ease and payoff are well worth it. 

The first way I personally do this is to…

Set up automated email sequences:

This is my favorite way to repurpose on autopilot. 

I create email sequences that run — without me having to do anything. So, while I’m getting my nails done… or traveling somewhere fun… or just napping 😆, the content I worked hard to create is being shared with new people. 

I’ve created both email welcome sequences and sales funnel sequences (for my own business and for clients) in this way.  

(Welcome sequences and sales funnels have somewhat different goals and a different structure, but they have the concept of automating emails with key pieces of content in common.)

When I create these sequences, I add some of the copy directly to the emails, and link some of the emails to the full blog post.

This works so dang well… because it’s based on a highly-strategic 2-step process…

✔️ STEP 1: I use my High-leverage Content system to create content based on what my audience needs to learn, hear, and understand — to feel ready to buy; and…

✔️ STEP 2:  I set up an automated email sequence to ensure that, whenever a new person joins my email list, they are offered opportunities to consume those key pieces of content. 

So people who are new to me automatically get to learn, hear, and more fully understand those messages that build trust in me, and demand for my offers.  


Now, the second way I like to automate ongoing content distribution is to… 

Repurpose each piece of long-form content into at least 1 to 3 Pins for Pinterest.

On Pinterest, people are able to find your content for months and years after it’s first published — when they are searching for your topics. 

As part of your repurposing workflow, you create a Pin graphic (or a few of them). Then you pin it to Pinterest, linking it to your full content. 

Then (assuming it’s good and well-keyword-optimized!) it can get found/distributed to people  — on repeat, for as long as it’s on the platform. Automatically. 

You can read more about this strategy in this blog post about ways to market your coaching business with less hustle and more ease. 

Okay… now it’s time to talk about how to…

Content Repurposing Strategy 4: Use AI writing tools (like ChatGPT) to help repurpose your content.

This is a big topic, and certainly, it merits its own full blog post. (At least one!) 

But no article about making repurposing easier would be complete without a mention of using AI writing tools to your advantage. Since they’ve become widely accessible to all users, they’ve changed the game for both content creation and repurposing. 

(Note: Since ChatGPT is the AI writing tool I use and teach inside High-leverage Content, I’ll say ChatGPT here, but what I’ll share below applies to other AI writing tools, too.) 

The #1 guiding principle to remember about ChatGPT is that the output it gives you will only be relevant, specific, and useable when you learn how to give it good inputs. 

The process of giving ChatGPT what it needs (to give you what you need) is called “prompting.” Sometimes you’ll also hear “prompt chaining” to describe the process of giving the tool follow up feedback and additional information as you go — to help it *refine* what it’s delivering for you. 

Now, here’s the great thing about leaning on AI to help you repurpose: 

When you’ve put the effort in to create that high-quality, detail-rich content that I described in section 1 of this blog post, you’re EASILY able to give ChatGPT the specifics it needs to give you quality content back. 

You can develop prompts to ask ChatGPT to do things like… 

      • Generate copy for an IG carousel post from your blog post. 
      • Derive several 2 to 3 sentence “Threads-style” posts or Tweets from your long-form content. 
      • Take examples you put into your long-form content and suggest other similar examples (this is great for refreshing a piece of content with new, relevant examples!) 
      • Suggest multiple alternative “headlines” for a piece of content to use as Pinterest pin text overlay. 

As an example, here’s a screenshot from ChatGPT to show you one of the prompts I use regularly. (Note: I use the outputs as drafts for Threads posts. I’m not on Twitter, but I’m not sure if ChatGPT knows about Threads yet.  … Feel free to swipe this prompt and use it!

ChatGPT prompt for repurposing a blog post to Threads

 👆🏻 Those are just a few things I regularly ask ChatGPT to do for me… But the possibilities are quite literally endless.  

(I’ve included these — and many other ChatGPT workflows for repurposing — inside the bonus modules inside the High-leverage Content curriculum. They get unlocked when you publish your first four pieces of content inside of the course. You’ll get the prompts I use, and step-by-step videos demonstrating of how to use them!) 

Last thing: Expect ChatGPT to get you 60 to 80% there, depending on how specific you are with your requests — and how skilled you can become at asking for what you want. You will still need to add, flesh out, and refine its outputs — if you want to create thought leadership content.

Okay, so we talked about asking an AI tool for help repurposing. Now, let’s talk about getting support from a human! (Imagine! 😉)… 

Content Repurposing Strategy 5: Delegate content repurposing. 

When you are showing up as a thought leader and creating high-quality, detailed “source content,” you have the option to outsource or delegate the repurposing part. 

This is totally optional — and you can absolutely implement a highly-profitable content repurposing strategy without hiring human help. (I do almost all my own repurposing at the time I’m writing this post!) 

But, if you struggle to find time to repurpose regularly, or it’s not the part you enjoy — outsourcing it is a great plan. 

I have some unique first-hand knowledge of how *exactly* this can work, so I’m going to share a quick personal story for you below… (Right under the cheat sheet graphic!) 

Claim your Instagram account on PinterestClaim your Instagram account on Pinterest

My experience repurposing content for a 7-figure coach: 

For five *amazing* years (roughly 2017 to 2022), I did high-level content repurposing work for a seven-figure coach/course creator… I was on retainer as her Content Manager. 

Here’s what this looked like: 

✔️ Every month, she created “source content” (in the form of Youtube videos, her long-form format of choice). 

✔️ From those videos, I spent hours generating her blog posts, IG posts, FB group prompts, emails, and more… all derived from her source content

We spent about five years creating and repurposing *excellent* content in this way together – all based on HER thought leadership. And to this day, that body of work continues to drive visibility and sales of her courses and programs! 

This system worked VERY well for her. (And for me! She paid me well. And I loved every second 🤩 and learned so much!)

But there is a big ‘caveat’ here…

The reason the system we had worked well is this: My clients didn’t try to “skip” the thought leadership part. She showed up and created high-leverage “source” content. It showcased her own unique ideas, frameworks, stories, etc. 

I wasn’t creating her content from scratch. I was repurposing it. 

It’s crucial to understand that outsourcing repurposing is wayyyy different than trying to outsource the initial creation of the content. 

I see coaches and other entrepreneurs fail to realize this ALL THE TIME… They try to avoid content creation altogether by “hiring someone to just do all the marketing.” 

But it doesn’t work. 

They end up frustrated — because they have paid for content that doesn’t reflect their own thoughts, opinions, experiences, values… and doesn’t sound like them at all. Inevitably, they are disappointed by what they get back from someone whom they’ve hired to create content from scratch. 

The reason this doesn’t work is simple: 

You cannot outsource thought leadership.  

Think about it: If you want to have ideal clients consistently stopping in their tracks, being “wow-ed” by what you do/say, and *hiring* you – you’ll need to stand out. YOU will need to be the thought leader. 

And that means you have to show up and create content that reflects YOUR UNIQUE IDEAS. Your frameworks. Your expertise. Your special sauce! 

And if you don’t have your hand in the initial content creation, your content won’t have any of that. 

Now all that being said… 

It is very possible (and VERY smart!) to hire out – when it’s time to *repurpose and amplify* the source content that YOU created. 

So be sure you fully understand the difference here. And then absolutely consider hiring help to make the repurposing part easier!

Easy content repurposing starts with High-leverage Content.

In this post today, we covered.. 

✔️ My “secret weapon” format for posts that practically repurpose themselves! 

✔️ Using ChatGPT/AI to do some of the heavy lifting with your repurposing 

✔️ Two pretty epic ways to put some of your content repurposing on autopilot

✔️ The most critical success factor for outsourcing to make this easier 

And hopefully I gave you this crucial takeaway… 

Easeful content repurposing all starts with creating detailed, strategic, thought leadership content to begin with. 

If you’re ready to learn how to create that kind of effective, versatile, and profitable content for your coaching or service provider business… 

If you want your content to work hard for you, and earn its keep… 

If you want to create a small-but-mighty body of work that includes what your audience needs to hear, learn, and understand more deeply — to feel ready to hire you…

Then you want to be inside my course, High-leverage Content. (HLC for short!) 

The work you do in HLC will benefit your business (and your pocketbook) for years. 

Inside, I’ll equip you to *easily* produce quality content that showcases your unique thought leadership and generates sales

✔️  I’ll help you stop “half-doing” long-form content and piecing together a strategy for it. 

✔️  You’ll learn what specific things your audience needs to hear and understand – to be ready to buy. 

✔️  You’ll get all the plug-and-play tools and outlines – so creation will be a breeze. 

✔️  Your content will convert your audience to clients in half the time.

✔️  You’ll grow a body of work you’re proud of. It will be mounting evidence that your expertise and business are legit. 

✔️  HLC will add hours to your calendar because you’ll no longer create *heaps* of content, but instead you’ll focus on the *right* content. 

✔️And your substantive content will always be ready for endless repurposing! 

And the best part? It will all FINALLY be easy. 

Click here to learn more and enroll in High-leverage Content! 

(Note: If the program is currently not open for enrollment, you can join the waitlist — and you’ll be notified as soon as we plan to open the doors!)