Is Pinterest Marketing a “Set it and Forget it” lead generation strategy? 

I get this question a lot from online coaches, course creators, and service providers who follow me for Pinterest marketing advice. And I answered it again in a Facebook group recently, so I decided to share my answer here on the blog, too! 

And the answer is… 🥁 (<—– Drum roll, please…)

Yes and No. 

Let’s discuss… 😉 

First, let’s talk about the “yes part…” because, in some ways, it is… 

In some ways, yes. Pinterest is a “set it and forget it” strategy.

I teach clients and students a method that allows you to spend about 4 to 6 hours per month – in one sitting if you choose – on your Pinterest marketing workflow. That means you spend about half to three-quarters of a day to do all the things necessary to maintain and grow your account… 

and then you set it and forget it until next month (when it’s time to follow your workflow again). 

So, compared to social media, Pinterest marketing is much lower-maintenance because:

✔️ Pinterest is a search engine. So every time you pin a pin, it can surface in your ideal client’s searches for months and years – when she has searched for terms similar to the keywords you use.

(Pretty powerful right? 👆🏻 Your content and offers are what she finds when she searches for something you help with?) <– You can see why coaches, service providers and course creators love Pinterest, right?

✔️ Your pins don’t get lost in a fast moving newsfeed like they may on social. The shelf life a Pinterest pin is 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post.

✔️ Time-consuming engagement is not needed on Pinterest. On Social, engagement is everything. On Pinterest, it’s just not part of the culture. No one expects you to show up and have conversations. Women are looking for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest – not to connect… (yet.) <— That happens later, on your terms. 😉

So, in those ways – yes, Pinterest can be considered a “set it and forget it” lead generation strategy for online coaches, course creators, and service providers. If your account is set up strategically and you’ve used good keywords, you can pin pins and they will serve you and send you leads for months and years to come.

Now let’s examine “the no part”… (The “but!” 😉 )

But, you do still need to invest time in your Pinterest marketing workflow.

About 90% of your Pinterest marketing tasks can be systemized and automated, but you’d still need to sit down once a month (for about 4 to 6 hours – like I mentioned above!) and work your Pinterest workflow. This includes:

✔️ Looking at your analytics to see what is working – so you can do more of that.

✔️ Pinning your fresh content.

✔️ Pinning new images to older content that is performing well for you.

✔️ Creating new boards (strategically!) from time to time.

So, Pinterest is NOT 100% “set and it and forget it…” but it is much lower-maintenance than social media.

… And it is an ideal add-on to a lead generation strategy – because it’s not labor-intensive to maintain and grow a successful account. It becomes easier over time – and produces better results over time. (So marketing on Pinterest is like building equity in something!)

And, it can help you be less dependent on paid ads and / or on labor-intensive organic strategies.



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