Health coaches, personal development mentors, and other wellness entrepreneurs will be interested in this hot piece of Pinterest news that hit my inbox recently… 

An article they published included this: 

“With the world continuing to be unpredictable, people are looking for mindful methods to navigate uncertainty with… [Pinterest] searches for ‘stress relief activities’ are up 4.7x.”

Other rising health- and wellness-related searches include:

  • ‘productive morning routine’ (6x increase)
  • ‘exercise routine at home’ (12x increase)
  • ‘self care night routine’ (7x increase)
  • ‘gratitude journal prompts’ (8x increase)

Add that to the fact that phrases like ‘healthy eating,’ ‘chronic illness tips,’ ‘weight loss recipes,’ (and so many more…) continue to be uber-popular on Pinterest… And it’s safe to say that Pinterest is now a hub for information about all things self improvement and wellness. 

So, the question becomes this… Would you want YOUR offers discovered by women searching for these phrases? 

Of course you would! So, health coaches… I’m dropping ten of my best tips and strategies for growing your audience – and getting clients – using Pinterest. 

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

1. Brand your Pinterest profile when you get it started – or give it a refresh to match your brand.

More and more, Pinterest pinners are visiting your profile to learn about you and what you offer (as opposed to simply discovering your pins in their searches – which still happens a lot, too!). 

I’m seeing a trend in clicks to my clients’ and students’ main profile pages, which supports this working theory!

So, check in with your profile a few times a year and make sure its “look” and “feel” conveys your brand personality.


Pinterest profile for a Style Coach

2. Choose a high-quality brand photo for your profile photo.

If you’re leveraging a personal brand, I suggest choosing a high-quality headshot for your profile photo (as opposed to a logo). People want to learn from, follow, and buy from other people, so this is a great opportunity to connect with them and showcase your personality. 

Select a shot that is forward-facing, smiling and looking at the camera. Crop it in to include just your head and shoulders, because it will be pretty small when viewed on your profile!  

For more details on how to choose your photo – and a Canva hack for making it easy to switch it out, head to this post!

3. Choose a Pinterest profile name that will attract ideal followers.

Use your name or your brand name, and leave some space to include one or two keywords that describe what you pin about. (Hint: This is what your business helps with, too!) 

Using keywords here is a really good opportunity to be discovered by more perfect fit clients – those more likely to take action on your offers and programs. So don’t miss this! 

Example: A Self-Care blogger or coach might use a profile name like: “Firstname – Self Care Tips & Self Care Checklists.” 

For more on crafting the perfect profile name, click over to this post!

4. In your “About” section, write a couple of sentences describing who you serve and what results you help them achieve.

Again, err on the side of being clear over clever, so profile visitors will quickly know when they are in the right place. When you are specific about who and how you help, your ideal followers will be more likely to follow you, re-pin from you, and click through your pins to your content and offers.

And be sure to include a few of your high-priority keywords in this section, too!  

5. Be sure to claim your website on Pinterest.

When a website is claimed, a little “globe and check” icon appears on your profile. This lets pinners know you are an established source of information – and lends important credibility. Check out this blog post of mine for more info on why this is important – and the step by steps to get your site claimed! 

6. Use keywords in seven areas of your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is a search engine, so keywords are the #1 way to be discovered by people who are already searching for the solutions you offer – through your free and paid content. So, be sure to determine what your ideal follower is searching for (related to your things!) and use those keywords everywhere! 

(Hint: You can place keywords in 1) your profile display name, 2) your bio / about section, 3) your boards, 4) your board descriptions, 5) your pin descriptions, 6) your pin titles, 7) pin text overlay!)

health coach pinterest tips

7. Use Pinterest keywords that meet your audience where they are at.

It’s important to put yourself in your ideal pinner’s shoes. Avoid industry jargon or words that she wouldn’t use – because those won’t help you get discovered in search. 

I’ll give you an example… A client of mine is an online dating coach. Through our keyword research, we were able to verify that “dating mindset” was not something women were searching for much (because they don’t really know that “mindset” may be their problem).

Instead, we used keywords like “dating profile examples” and “dating after divorce” to get her content discovered by her ideal clients – women in their 40’s or 50’s who are considering online dating. This is how we get discovered by the action-takers… women who are more likely to hire you and/or join your programs. 

8. Create a “brand board” and pin only your content there.

You’ll likely have lots of boards on Pinterest. (I recommend at least ten to start.) Those boards will be about the things that you create content about and help with. Most people choose to pin a combination of their own content and other people’s content that their audience would find of interest. 

I recommend that you create a “brand board” and position it at the top of your profile using the drag-and-drop feature.

Think of this as a visual library of your content. Add only your own pins there (original content pins that point to your website content and offers.) Now when someone visits your profile, if your messages resonate, she can easily view and access what you’ve created for her!

9. Pin consistently – daily

The Pinterest algorithm favors accounts that are consistent, so pin daily. (A scheduling software like Tailwind* can help you batch this task, so you’re not literally jumping onto Pinterest every day, four times per day… unless you want to!) 

*Note: With this affiliate link, you can get a free month of Tailwind to try it out. If you use my link and decide to upgrade to a paid plan, I get a free month, too.

Remember, you can also create multiple pins to each piece of your content. So each time you create something, or you’re featured somewhere… you can pin three or more different pins that point people to the same blog post, podcast episode, free offers, or article (or whatever you love to create!).

10. Pin great content! 

While this is my last tip chronologically, it might be the most important! 

People come to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas to try. So, when you create and pin quality content, they will remember that and want to follow you – to be made aware of when you create something new!

High-quality content that demonstrates your expertise – and your ability to help them get results – is going to be crucial for converting Pinterest pinners to clients for your programs. 

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