In my 7+ years in online business, I’ve seen so many brilliant, accomplished coaches, service providers, and other experts struggling with their content marketing. 

Many were overwhelmed with aaaaallllll their ideas… and unsure where to start with turning their expertise into marketing content… 😑

Others were putting a lot of content out there, but spinning their wheels publishing stuff that  just doesn’t result in sales… 😩

And I’ve always known I could help.

For years, I wanted to combine what was learning in my own business – and what I’ve been honing by supporting clients (with Pinterest and content creation) – to change all that. 

I was always percolating on the idea of creating a content strategy course… 

And finally, in 2023…

I debuted the High-leverage Content™ system (HLC). 

In it, I teach coaches and service providers how to create *profitable* long-form thought leadership content that converts your audience to clients in half the time. 

There were 3 specific factors (stars that aligned! 🤣) to make 2023 the right time to open the doors to this new, game-changing, course.

In this post, I want to take YOU behind the scenes… and share the events that lead up to the birth of the High-leverage Content system and program. 


Reason #1: Creating long-form content has paid my bills (and then some) as a service provider and coach .

Over the years, I’ve invested time in doing content “the High-leverage Content way” – for my own business. This has helped me grow a highly-engaged audience and sell out my offers. 

And this approach has really paid off for me. 

So, Reason #1 that I created the High-leverage Content program was to teach other coaches, course creators, and service providers how to do the same. 

A bit of back-story: 

I was fortunate, when I started my business back in 2017, to learn from a coach who taught me that long-term thinking is what separates successful online entrepreneurs from those who burn bright for a few months – but then fizzle out fast. 

I knew that I wanted to be thriving in business in five years (even in ten+).

I knew I wanted to truly earn a (really healthy) income from this business. One that would replace my corporate salary – but ALSO fund luxuries like trips, my Whole Foods predilection, and dog treats. (Lots of dog treats!) 

And I knew I wanted the time freedom to work 20 to 30 hours per week, on average – so I’d have time to enjoy my (then new) marriage, new city, etc… 

​To achieve all that, I realized I needed a good foundation, content that *builds* momentum and equity, and passive income streams.

And the #1 way that I did this was by committing to creating (what I now call) High-leverage Content. 🎯 

That meant: 

  1. Getting clear on what my ideal audience needs to hear, read, and understand – to feel ready to buy from me. And focusing 90% of my content creation time on THAT content. (NOT on musings or just on what feels fun to create today…) 
  1. Investing time and energy in LONG-FORM content. For me, this is my blog. (Long-form content can also be Youtube videos, podcast eps, long-form social media, or Livestreams… thorough content.) 

 And I have to tell you… Over the years, I’ve become more and more grateful that I took this approach with my content. My own High-leverage Content has made #allthethings possible for me, like: 

✔️ I’ve built a body of work of 85+ high-quality blog posts that attract, nurture, and CONVERT clients – on autopilot. (More posts recently, because ChatGPT has reduced the time it takes for me to write them!) 

✔️ I get dozens of opt-ins to my email list every month – most of it passively. 

✔️ I’ve been able to use my long-form content to create a high-converting funnel for my course, Pinterest with Purpose. (It’s been converting now for YEARS!) 

✔️ Over the years, I’ve had dozens of discovery calls for my done-for-you offers – and they convert 96% of the time – generating awesome client projects and big cash infusions. This is because most of my prospects were *PRE-SOLD* by my content – before they ever booked a call to hire me. My sales calls are literally SO EASY

✔️ I’ve been able to regularly sell high-ticket intensive sessions with no sales calls. Because my content has (again) PRE-SOLD clients on my expertise, my process, and my results. 

✔️ I’m able to repurpose my body of work *endlessly* – on social media, in emails, on sales pages, in summit appearances… EVERYWHERE! (At this point, the only time I have to create new content is when I’ve created a new offer.)

✔️ I get invitations to guest on podcasts and speak at summits – almost weekly, sometimes more. Because my content has helped me become known and respected in my space. (And these events ALWAYS generate leads and sales for me!) 

I could go on… (I journaled to prep and psyche myself up for this blog post, ‘cause it’s HARD to write about yourself, right??? I have pages of other specific and big-picture wins I could totally share…)

But it’s high time we move along to Reason #2 that I created High-leverage Content…. 

(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Pinterest marketing” board:) 

How to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest

Reason #2: I spent 5+ years serving as Content Manager for a 7-figure entrepreneur.  

For five *amazing* years (roughly 2017 to 2022), I did content creation and repurposing work for a seven-figure coach/course creator. I was on retainer as her Content Manager. 

We spent about five years creating and repurposing *high-converting* content together – based on HER thought leadership.

And to this day, that body of work continues to drive visibility and sales of her courses and programs.

Many of the techniques I honed during this period became the basis for my High-leverage Content System

This is the kind of content you’ll need – if you want to sell more of your coaching programs and offers…

Content that positions you as the obvious, best, and *ONLY* choice for your ideal clients. Content that has them hanging on your every word and lining up to work with you. Content that converts your audience to clients in HALF the time. 

Okay, now it’s time to talk about Pinterest… 

(Whoa. This is the first time I’ve written a blog in a looooooooong time that didn’t mention Pinterest in the first paragraph. 🤣 Changes are a-happening!)

Reason #3: As a Pinterest marketing strategist, I’ve learned that marketing tactics fall flat without good content.

Most readers of this blog know me as a Pinterest Strategist and Educator. (Some have even proclaimed me the “Pinterest Queen.” And I’ll graciously accept that crown!) 

Indeed, the main focus of my business for the last seven years has been my platform of choice – Pinterest. I’ve specialized in teaching coaches, course creators, service providers, and other experts how to generate leads and get clients using the platform.

Naturally, I’ve also taught content strategy through the lens of Pinterest. It just happened that way – because the two are inextricably linked. 

And this “weaving in of the content piece” has been a hallmark of my courses and 1:1 offers, and it has actually set me apart and added a lot of value for my clients and students.

(In other words, many Pinterest experts out there do NOT teach or incorporate content strategy – but that is very limiting for them, and for their clients and students.)  

So, long story short…

One thing I’ve learned FOR SURE through all of that experience is this: 

Your marketing tactics (including Pinterest) will fall flat – if your content isn’t good

And by “good,” I mean… 

✔️  Relevant to your audience.

✔️  Strategic. Created based on a solid understanding of the “journey” you want to take Pinterest pinners (or any audience members) on – on the way to buy what you offer. 

✔️ Thorough. Deep enough to really demonstrate your expertise and build trust and demand for your offers.  (You need long-form content.) 

And by “fall flat,” I mean… 

✔️ It won’t stop the scroll.

✔️ It’s flimsy.

✔️ It doesn’t create the shifts or say the things that people need to hear/understand in order to be ready to buy. (So it’s not profitable. Womp-womp.) 

And here’s what to know about Pinterest and the “customer journey” part: 

Since Pinterest is a search and discovery platform (not social media!)… it has the power to attract a lot of *NEW* people to you. (i.e. people who don’t already have a lot of “know, like, trust” with you – yet.) 

And we love that! 

But on the other side of the coin, you’ll need High-leverage Content to grow those know, like, trust, factors… to get people ready to buy. 

(That content might be blog posts. It’s also increasingly common for Pinterest marketers to link pins to OTHER types of “anchor” content. Read more about that in my blog post, “Do you need a blog for Pinterest?”

And this lesson was Reason #3 why I decided to *formally* teach content strategy – and why my program, High-leverage Content, was born!

So… Let’s re-cap from the above for a sec… 

✔️ I already had the experience with profitable content for my own business. (Reason #1)

✔️ I had been in the trenches with my client’s repurposing. (Reason #2) 

✔️ All the Pinterest experience taught me the (hard-won!) lesson that your marketing is only as good as your content… (Reason #3) 

So, there you have it… The 3 factors that really influenced my decision (and the timing!) to finally start formally teaching my proprietary content strategy and creation process, High-leverage Content…

Now, I have a question for you… 

Are you ready for your own profitable content strategy? And content that converts your audience to clients in half the time? 

If you’re nodding like a mad-woman right now, you’re in the right place today… 

🎯High-leverage Content will help you *easily* produce high-quality content that showcases your unique thought leadership, builds trust and demand for your programs (fast!) – and generates sales.

Inside, you’ll learn what specific things your audience needs to hear and understand – to be ready to buy. 

You’ll get all the plug-and-play tools and outlines – and create with ease.

You’ll grow a body of work you’re proud of. It will be mounting evidence that your expertise and business are legit.

HLC will add hours back to your calendar because you’ll no longer create *heaps* of content, but instead you’ll focus on the *right* content. Hustling on social media will be optional. And your substantive content will always be ready for endless repurposing.

And the best part? It will all FINALLY be easy.

Because HLC delivers a tangible strategy, powerful worksheets and tools, detailed content outlines with ChatGPT prompts, and *everything* you need to crank out profitable content.